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My coding skills pretty much topped off in the digital Jurassic, when the 🦕open/close🦖 tagsaurs of html 2.0 ruled the mark-up lingosphere -- which of course explains why this here site of mine is like so in the vanguard of the new, hand-coded minimalism in webdesign🤸🏽‍♀🸏


Main thing this page's for now -- see below -- is links to (garden variety 🦎 html) copies of my playscripts.


You can catch some blurbage 🙄 about my playscripts on my profile pages at The New Play Exchange and The Playwrights Center:




If you're checking in here because I'm following you on miragestagram ( http://instragam.com/shenandoahslim ), the liklihood is I'm doing so because something made me believe that you might be a theatre artist possibly interested in -- ☀️ a Quixotic project, no need to remind me 😉 -- contemporary dramatic poetry that is also compelling contemporary theatre 🎭.


Superthanks 💐 to you for your time with me-and-my-playworks...and all the best to you in all your adventures in theater-making😘!





So Do We All? (First Sequence)




Flight Into Safety


Acting Class


Pearly Gates




...and Another Frankenstein


Internal Revenue Service vs. Menaechmi


A Scene from Bohemian Life









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...poetry for acting: because, most of all, poetry belongs onstage...